Personalised 3D Acrylic GlowNotes Message Board Lamp with 12 Colourful Markers

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Get Creative with our GlowNotes LED Board Lamp✨

Keep your life planned & sorted in a fun manner with this DIY Acrylic GlowNotes. Chalk out your ideas and note down your plans in the assigned area. This is all in all a sensible gift for your loved ones. A perfect combination of night light and a handy translucent memo board that lets you scribble notes while it emits a warm illumination. Allowing you to create unique gleaming written memos that can be clearly read and displayed on both sides. Making any space more whimsical and dreamlike with an added soothing ambience as you keep track of important information.


Illuminate Your Space with Creativity

A Glowing Night Light and DIY LED Note Board that brings a unique blend of functionality and charm to your space. This innovative LED Note Board serves as a warm white light, creating a cozy atmosphere while also functioning as a message board for your notes, reminders, or artistic expressions.

A Creative Tool for Everyday Use 

Glowing Board is more than just a night light. Its DIY LED Note Board allows you to jot down to-do lists, notes, or calendars, or even display photos. It’s a perfect tool for organizing your day or expressing your creativity. And the best part? You can easily wipe it clean and start anew, making it a sustainable choice for everyday use.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion 

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, Glowing Board makes a thoughtful gift. Its unique combination of a night light and LED Note Board makes it suitable for people of all ages. It’s not just a practical item—it’s a gift that brings joy, creativity, and a warm glow to anyone’s life.

Not The Greatest Of Artist?

Simply place your board on top of any picture or drawing and trace away. Create a beautiful decoration for your room in no time, and if you grow tired of it, just wipe it clean and make something new! Place your board on your phone, tablet or computer and the possibilities are endless!

Designed with Safety and Convenience in Mind

Made with non-toxic, baby-safe ABS and acrylic materials, GlowNotes ensures safety for all users. Its anti-blue warm LED light won’t flicker or hurt your eyes, making it suitable for children’s rooms, dormitories, or any space that needs a gentle light source. Plus, it’s connected via USB to your laptop, computer, or power bank, offering convenience and portability.

Add a Touch of Glow to Your Life with GlowNotes 

GlowNotes is more than a product—it’s a way to illuminate your life with creativity and warmth. Whether you’re jotting down a quick note, creating a piece of art, or simply enjoying the soft light, GlowNotes LED Note Board is there to make your days and nights a little brighter.

What Comes In The Box?

1 x Glowing LED Board
1 x LED Stand
12 x Colourful Markers
2 x Wiping Clothes

Additional information

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Personalised 3D Acrylic GlowNotes Message Board Lamp with 12 Colourful Markers